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As I have watched the world in these past few years I have seen a movement of transparency and darkness.  I think it is similar to the”Philosophes” of the eighteenth century.  The Philosophes were summed up in two words “Reason and Humanity”.   I believe that the Holy Spirit flowed freely in this time, that writers, artist, explores and innovators and workers were given great creativity from the creator.  Their goal was to expel the “darkness” of prejudice, superstition, ignorance, and folly by shining light on truth and to call on humanity to wake up their blind eyes.  They were trying to transform their world.  As I look back I see the change, the growth and the lost ground our world has taken.   I also have seen a shift. We are coming to a time when we have to take a stand against the darkness once and for all.  We have many destructive beliefs that have to be overcome. Because of the darkness and the lies, we believe in ourselves we are a wounded people. But God gave us this truth…We the people are the living stones of the church.  1 Peter 2:5 says, “You are as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood.”  We have been gathered and have everything we need to push through to freedom.

We have been strengthening our mortar.  It starts with our body. As we strengthen our body we strengthen our ability to love, to encourage, to love, to correct, to love, to give wisdom, to love, to serve, and to LOVE. When we have the capability to love without prejudice, without fear, and without judgment then that is when we truly are free.  At this time in our transformation, we will be able to stand against any negative assaults.  We have the promise that nothing can stand in the way.  Once our worldly body is out of the way our “living stones ” (body of Christ) can join in strengthening others until we have completed the purpose we have been made for.

God tells us in Colossians 3:3 That Your life is hidden with Christ in God.  Lilian Whiting said, “That Our real life, all our significant action, is in the invisible realm, and the manifestation in the physical sphere is simply the result and the effects of which the processes and causes are all in the ethereal world.  Prayer, in all its many and varied phases, is simply acting on the spiritual side, and because of this it is the motor of life, and its highest development is reached when the soul ask for only one thing–the one that includes all others–that of union with God.”

So be anxious for nothing and embrace this final transformation and soar like you have only dreamed possible.  For today it is not only a dream but a reality!

So today I start my blog with this intention.  I am no longer a wounded warrior living in fear, I am His unstoppable, Mighty Warrior, my body and life belong to Him.  I ask that you pray for me and lift me up as I begin to share my personal story with you and my continued transformation.