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Mother’s day is past but I find myself still thinking about my mother and all the women that have gone before me in my family. They truly were Proverbs 31 women, they demonstrated strong characteristics that at times seem daunting to me. For my family, I am the eldest woman alive now. I think about this role I have, I think of the responsibility to be a model of a virtuous woman for my daughter, my one-year-old granddaughter, sisters, nieces, great nieces, and the women I come into contact through my creative business and blog. I struggle sometimes in my mission to take up this role of womanhood, to be strong, courageous, to be loving, to always listen and seek God’s counsel before imparting important wisdom into the lives of some of the most important women in my life.

As I travel down this road I have found that it is okay not to be so perfect but to embrace the imperfections in me because it is through these imperfections or rather the way I deal with those imperfections that I mirror the true strength of a virtuous woman. I find the grit and the virtue. Even though the grit is sometimes me gritting my teeth till I’ve found the strength and courage to stand on the foundations and values that reflect the person my God sees in me. It is through my diligence to continually seek Him and listen to his voice that His image and my image of myself become a mirror to others and the women and men in my life.

It is through daily obedience that I trust God to guide my path, to light the way personal and professional. I can trust Him to guide me and to lead me. Allowing myself to do this daily, moment by moment is what builds all the characteristics of a virtuous woman. It is through this prayer time that I am learning to just be. Be what I am in that moment. It is enough.

My sister’s and I are the second generations.



My nieces are part of the third generation of women, my daughter Alaina is not in this picture.  We also have three boys in this generation, my son, Jacob and my two nephews, Dillion and Jake,  They are the only males in this generation but just as important.