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Mixed-Up Creations Blog

A creative and inspiring place for reflection and tips on creation

Grit and Virtue

Mother’s day is past but I find myself still thinking about my mother and all the women that have gone before me in my family. They truly were Proverbs 31 women, they demonstrated strong characteristics that at times seem daunting to me. For my...

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God Moved My Mountain

As I have watched the world in these past few years I have seen a movement of transparency and darkness.  I think it is similar to the"Philosophes" of the eighteenth century.  The Philosophes were summed up in two words "Reason and Humanity".   I believe that the Holy...

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Plan Your Next Paint Party With Us!

Whether it is a family gather or a company party make it memorable with one of our personalized paint parties.  With one of our paint parties you get: Your choice of design All supplies to create your masterpiece Up to 3 hours with a qualified train instructor (Time...

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EB Creations is added to Mixed-Up Creations.  

My handcrafted one of a kind jewelry is being added to Mixed-Up Creations.  I have always been a jewelry lover and I've discovered silversmithing.  I took an online class and have become hooked.  I had an opportunity to become an assistant to a great silversmith in...

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Busy in the Studio

A lot of work has been going on in the studio getting ready for Fall shows, that is when I've been home to work in there.  Brett and I closed on a beautiful Colorado mountain home in November.    Of course, we have wanted to be there as much as possible.  I've spent...

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Back to Blogging

As you can see it has been a long time since my first post.  I started this blogging journey in conjecture with my craft business Mixed-Up Creations so I would be available for my mother and mother-in-law whom both joined our household.  I have been kept busy with...

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