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How I got here..

My studio!

If you would have asked me last year what I would be doing this summer  I would have told you that I would be rejuvenating after another school year teaching second grade, catching up on my reading, spending time with my family, reorganizing my home and preparing for the upcoming year.  That’s NOT what happened. Instead, I am typing my first blog post and starting a small business. I said goodbye to one of my passions, teaching so that I would be more available to my ailing mother.  After 6 months of remodeling mom has her own area in our home and while orchestrating doctors visits can be time-consuming and trying to purge 77 years of living into one room a task of its own, I still have time on my hands.  So here is where the next chapter begins.

I’m a dreamer and a doer.    I have always been a creative creature and an avid reader of blogs since their conception.  I have always wanted to start a blog and always wanted a studio.  Today I celebrate my 48th year birthday.  Life is but a vapor as my pastor says…So let’s begin.