I have always had a desire to create.  As a child, I would sketch characters such as Winnie The Pooh.  I would draw pictures as presents for my sisters. I loved doing leatherwork and painting.  I would use anything I could get my hands on to create art.  As a young mother, I would come up with gift ideas I could make for my family.  I made anything bug catchers, wooden dolls to Clay Noah Ark necklaces.  I loved gift-giving and sharing whatever I would create. I still love creating for others.

As a teacher, my creative nature came through lessons and my classroom environment.  When I said goodbye to teaching to care for my mother, I needed an outlet to express my creative nature. Knowing I had a depleting amount of time with my mom stirred my desire to connect with her through art. My husband converted an outdoor building we had into a studio and that was the beginning of Mixed-Up Creations, the business name stemming from my love of mixed-media art.

Shortly after opening, I took an online silversmith class and immediately fell in love with the practice. When I took my second metalsmithing class an incredible opportunity happened, I was asked to become the shop apprentice to my mentor Francesca Watson. Since then EB Creations’  jewelry brand was born.

My favorite part of being a silversmith is taking a blank sheet of sterling silver and forging it into a one-of-a-kind piece. Some of my inspiration comes from my love of nature and the time I spend with my husband in our Colorado home.

My hope in creating each piece of jewelry is that you find something that connects to you personally and when you wear that piece you’re continually inspired.